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About Vulnmachines

Vulnmachines is a cybersecurity learning platform where security enthusiasts can get a hands-on experience of various skills in different cybersecurity categories through Capture The Flag Contests.

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What we do?

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Why we started Vulnmachines

  • Why we started

    For the past few years, we have managed CTFs (Capture the Flag Competitions) for organizations and educational institutes. We discovered that the market has an ever-increasing demand for high-skilled cyber security talent, with a shortage of nearly 2 million people. Also, we noticed that organizations are willing to hire people who are good at technical and keep updating themselves with latest vulnerabilities and real-time exploits. We know that the top CTF scorers usually land nice jobs after being noticed by companies. In an effort to bridge this gap, we launched Vulnmachines, with words of "H4cking is new gaming" which automates and simplifies the creation of CTFs and offers it as a service to find the best talents, rank them globally, and bring them to the Cybersecurity Game.

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  • Vision & Mission of Vulnmachines platform

    To create the world's largest cybersecurity community in order to solve workforce shortages and future cybersecurity issues.

    To close the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals that most governments, companies, and enterprises are currently facing.

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Our Values


We believe in long term business relationship & partners.


We always follow through on our promises.


In what we do, we do it best.


We are extremely enthusiastic about what we do.